My name is Alina Basova and I'm a Front-end developer

About me

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I’m a professional front-end web developer based in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Currently I work in Luxoft - international company outsourcing services for enterprise IT organizations and software vendors. I work there in a big multinational team, following Scrum rules, developing redesigned version and supporting current website for Swedish e-commerce client. I create and modifying layouts and rich, reusable, responsive cross-browser UI components, integrating them with Java backend, using popular front-end technologies such as jQuery, Gulp and Sass CSS. I am also absolutely in love with HTML5 and CSS3 and enjoy leaning something very different like ASP.NET, C#, SQL and MongoDB.

However, I am potentially open to new opportunities if they are of interest to me. I would also like to declare myself as an eternal student because I am passionate about keeping my knowledge up to date.

  • June 2013–July 2015 - Front-end developer at Sitecore

    I was responsible for front-end side of Sitecore's products on Sitecore CMS. I was making HTML/CSS mockups using LESS CSS. Every day I encountered new challenges, which enhances my knowledge of JavaScript and popular frameworks like Underscore.js, jQuery and Angular.js. I created cross-browser code in IDEs like Microsoft Studio and by hand in text editors like Sublime Text.

  • January, 2013 - Front-end developer at SaM Solutions

    I was working in this leading software development company for about half a year, taking beautiful photoshop files and converting them to W3C valid HTML5 / CSS. It was an amazing experience working with such a friendly and advanced team. They taught me how to work on large scale projects with many developers using tools such as Git, Mercurial, Jira, Redmine.

  • May, 2012 - Master of Economics of Enterprise

    I graduated from National Mining University in Dnepropetrovsk where I studied for a Master of Economics of Enterprises (with honours). I therefore have much experience in promotion and business development too in addtion to my technical skillset. I have the confidence and capability to develop my knowledge for any given situation, and can meet a deadline for a project.


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