Once upon a time, a very talented web girl based in Ukraine
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Alina Basova

Wanted you to hire her...

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Alina. I’m a professional front-end web developer based in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Currently I work in a global software company - Sitecore. Every day I encounter new challenges, which enhances my knowledge of JavaScript and popular frameworks like Underscore.js and jQuery. I've even learnt how to use LESS for CSS and numerous Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio and Sharepoint.

However, I am potentially open to new opportunities if they are of interest to me. I would also like to declare myself as an eternal student because I am passionate about keeping my knowledge up to date.

My background

January, 2013 - Front-end developer at SaM Solutions

I was working in this leading software development company for about half a year, taking beautiful photoshop files and converting them to W3C valid HTML5 / CSS. It was an amazing experience working with such a friendly and advanced team. They taught me how to work on large scale projects with many developers using tools such as Git, Mercurial, Jira, Redmine.

August, 2012 - Sales Manager at Sunny CT

Working closely with web developers in this role it reminded me how I enjoyed mathematics and programming at high school where I used Pascal and Delfi. I therefore decided to change my profession to front end development by learning HTML and CSS as the results are far more pleasing. I had great teachers, who still help me to improve my skills. I loved working on front-end development and enjoyedworking on new and exciting implementations.

May, 2012 - Master of Economics of Enterprise

I graduated from National Mining University in Dnepropetrovsk where I studied for a Master of Economics of Enterprises (with honours). I therefore have much experience in promotion and business development too in addtion to my technical skillset. I have the confidence and capability to develop my knowledge for any given situation, and can meet a deadline for a project.

Latest projects

Roi inc.

Using only HTML and CSS I managed to create this functional page in just a few days. Animation is achieved by CSS and works in all popular web browsers. For the main picture I used PNG mask to be able to change picture with JavaScript in the future. Design of this page belongs to Sunny CT, I've taken it just to show my skills.


Once again, only HTML and CSS was used to create this page. It works in major browsers such as IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It took just a couple of days to take this design,which has been made by Sunny CT, and turn it in to a functional HTML/CSS template.


I'm big fan of Codepen, because it helps to create and share amazing things. It inspired me to make this cute tamagotchi, using only pure JavaScript without any libraries and images. Go to my codepen and play with it. He will be happy!


Initially I was given three psd mockups with desktop views of the home page and two inner pages. From this I had to make up many other elements and responsive designs for mobile devices, which I made using CSS3 media queries. It works in major browsers such as IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Other interests

As an absolutely geek, I have two main passions: Gaming and science fiction. I post much information about these areas on Google+. You should also check out my boyfriend's site who is an amazing coder and designer.